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The Best Butter Dish Ever

When I was little, we kept our stick of margarine in this:

It was one of those brilliant Tupperware items that worked perfectly and lasted forever (like the soda cracker box and the graham cracker box and other innumerable things that TUPPERWARE STOPPED MAKING AND NEVER REPLACED). I’m bitter, I admit it.

So now that I have my own house, I had to find a solution for keeping butter that doesn’t involve keeping a zip baggie in the butter box. I searched high and low, but most lidded butter dishes available now are glass (too fragile) with loose lids (neither airtight nor secure).

I had almost given up, then the heavens opened and I stumbled upon this:

This is the Progressive Butter Keeper. I didn’t think it was possible to improve upon the basic Tupperware model, but it sure seems like they did. This plastic, BPA-free, airtight-lidded butter keeper is long enough for a skinny stick of margarine, and tall/wide enough for a short stick of butter.

It has pre-printed measurements on it for both size sticks, as well as raised measurement grids on the outside of the cover, so you can imprint the measurements right onto the stick!

Here it is with a short stick of butter on it.

The one possible downside to this Butter Keeper, compared to the Tupperware, is that the butter surface is completely flat; i.e. there is no rim around the edge to keep the butter from sliding off. Some people have mentioned that when they leave the butter out on the counter, it melts and runs out. My suggestion would be to keep butter in the fridge so it doesn’t become rancid or melt, and only remove what you need for baking or serving. And for serving there are all sorts of pretty butter dishes with edges.

But for storing and measuring, this has got to be the best butter keeper ever!

I got mine at The Container Store, but it’s also available at Amazon.


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3 thoughts on “The Best Butter Dish Ever

  1. bacharis on said:

    Great gift idea!

  2. Have you actually used this? Several reviewers on amazon said that the color comes off, into the butter.

    • Yeah, I’ve been using it for about a year now. I have noticed that smudging happens when I wash it, but I’ve never seen it in the butter itself. I always keep it in the fridge; maybe that makes a difference?

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