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Cleaning Tips: Washing Dishes

When hand-washing dishes, save especially greasy items (like shortening measuring cups, oily salad bowls, or frying pans) for last so that the oil does not cut your soap. Once grease has dissolved the soap, the oil will float on the cooling wash water and coat everything else with a thin oily layer, which will still be there after the dishes are dry.

To get a large amount of grease off, run a new sink-full of very, very hot water with plenty of soap and let the dishes soak for a while.

A great tool to have is a small plastic pan scraper. I got mine at Wal-Mart for about a dollar. They take up very little space, but are safe for non-stick pans and have a hard, tapered edge to fit in corners and edges. Let pots and pans soak, then get the last hard bits with a scraper.


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