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B&N Nook book: I bought a duplicate!

My husband and I have had our Barnes and Noble Nooks for a little over two years now, and we have had very little reason to complain about them in that time. We share one account, so we only purchase a book once to be able to read it on both our devices, which is a very handy deal!  We also get a creepy stalker look at whatever the other one is reading, which can be disconcerting. 🙂

We recently encountered an issue with our Nook account for the first time: we purchased the same book twice. I bought the book in April of 2010, and my husband, not realizing we already had it, bought it again in May of 2012. We have the same tastes, just on a different timeline. 🙂

Here’s the deal: normally, Nook will block a double purchase: it will tell you, ‘Hey, this book is already in your library!’ Here’s the caveat: if a book has been issued in a new edition, no matter how similar it is, it will recognize it as a new book and let you purchase as many new editions as you want.

Now, I can see some argument for purchasing multiple editions of a paper book: some things are updated, or there’s a new foreword, or typos have been fixed. But for a Nook book, one edition is more or less as good as another, especially for a book that we were only mildly interested in.

So I decided to try to return the Nook book to get our money back, and I found out something very interesting: as a Nook owner, you get ONE courtesy cancellation. That’s right, they will only refund your money for a Nook book once.

I know why this is: as purveyors of knowledge products, bookstores have always had to fight against people using them as libraries: taking the book home, enjoying it once, then returning it. For this reason many bookstores will not accept returns of books that have obviously been used. And with e-books, the danger is that much greater. People could easily purchase books, read them, and return them, reading hundreds of books for free. (That’s what the library is for, people!)

So it makes sense. But, since I had no idea that Nook offers only one do-over, I thought I would share and hopefully save someone else some trouble.

If you do make a big mistake and want to get your money back on one Nook book, their customer service line is 1-800-842-2665 (1-800-THE-BOOK).


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2 thoughts on “B&N Nook book: I bought a duplicate!

    • Apparently there’s another way you can get a refund if the book hasn’t been downloaded to any of your devices, but you’d have to catch it before your Nook syncs.

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