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Baby Gear: Waterproof terrycloth changing pads

This was an item that we never really considered before our baby was born. Given that we didn’t even get a changing table until after we came home from the hospital, I guess you could say we were unprepared. 🙂 But after my husband found these, we didn’t know how we’d ever be able to live without them.

Most changing tables have a large plastic cushion over which you are supposed to place a fabric cover, almost like a fitted sheet, to be more comfortable for your baby. The covers usually come in fun colors and designs, and basically make the changing table look good, or at least match the rest of your nursery. However, the covers aren’t waterproof at all, and since (for safety reasons) they are difficult to remove and replace, for greatest efficiency you want something under your baby that will contain leaks and is easy to maintain.

That is where the waterproof terrycloth changing pad comes in. We bought ours at Babies R Us, and at the time Koala was the only brand they carried. They have since begun to offer them in several different brands, but they appear to be essentially the same thing.

The pads measure about 11″ by 20″. They are white terrycloth on one side, and waterproof plastic on the other. They are easily washable, and I just fold them up right next to the diapers in the bin, and lay one down every time I change my baby’s diaper. I usually use the same one over and over until it gets messy, when I throw it into her hamper.

After many washes, they get really soft and tend not to lay flat anymore, but they still work just as well. The great thing about the terrycloth is that is absorbs the mess without letting any over or through. We have a fully plastic changing pad, but messes just run right off of it and onto the surface it was supposed to protect. The terrycloth pads do pick up a little bit of staining, but 1) I don’t care, because it’s designed to get messy and no one sees them anyway, and 2) the stains could probably be removed by a serious application of stain-removal products.

They come in packs of three, but we probably have three or four packs; they are that amazing. You can still have your pretty decorated changing pad, but protect it at changing time with one of these waterproof wonders!


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