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This in an interesting product: a cookie, and a SPREAD MADE OF THE COOKIE. I’m serious.

Apparently the Biscoff cookie has been popular in Europe for quite a while, and has caught on in the United States since being offered on airplanes. I’ve never gotten one on a plane, but maybe I’m flying the wrong airlines or the wrong class or something.

It’s a fascinating story, actually. Apparently there’s a European reality show based on inventors competing for the best new product, and the Biscoff spread was a winner. It comes in creamy (shown) and crunchy.

The cookie is very sweet and spicy; the best thing I can compare it to is a very strong animal cracker. The spread tastes exactly the same, with the consistency of a basic creamy peanut butter. I keep seeing it described as an alternative to peanut butter, but I have to disagree. The texture is the same, but I would never use it in place of peanut butter. For instance, it is WAY too sweet to combine with jelly; you’d probably get diabetes just looking at that sandwich. It’s really good on fruit, or rolled up in a white tortilla. Truthfully, it’s best eaten in very tiny nibbles straight out of the jar. Ooh, I bet it’d be good on vanilla ice cream, too; I’ll have to try that. Bottom line is it’s not a subtle flavor, so start small and you can always add more later.

The Biscoff website offers a lot of recipes using both the cookies and the spread. My grocery store started carrying the spread a few months ago, and just picked up the cookies, so it may not be available in all areas yet. But if you see it, I highly recommend trying some.


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