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House envy

This is kind of a lament, so if you’re depressed or something already today, just skip this and come back later.

I keep seeing pictures and videos of the interiors of the homes of people my age, and I can’t help but notice that their houses look like family homes, rather than a bachelor pad. They have grown-up furniture, wall decorations, and you can see the floor. My house looks like the inside of a dumpster. What are they doing differently to have such beautiful houses?

Are they spending more time cleaning? I do the best I can, although no matter how much you clean under and around it, the pile of work sheets and blankets my husband keeps in the living room just won’t look tidy.

We have electronics cables spread all over the floor, which are SO hard to clean around, and to vacuum the living room takes all day because I have to create a storage place for all the new things that have accumulated there since the last week.

I have run out of room for the toiletries that appear everywhere from the kitchen counters to the bedroom floor; I recently had to move my extra shampoos etc. to my dresser to make room for dozen sticks of deodorant, cans of shaving cream, boxes of razors, tubes of toothpaste, and various other bottles and jars that we always buy more of but never use up.

I can never tell which piles of clothes on the floor are the clean ones and which ones are the dirty ones. Whenever I guess, I invariably choose wrong. I don’t see the point of washing and drying clothes, then using them as a carpet.

I usually don’t even look in the office. The dunes of clothing, the piles of garbage behind the desk, the wads of papers and trash and unidentifiable tools and electronic gear just makes me ill.

I have tried organizing, to the best of my ability. I get a bunch of boxes, label them, and sort everything under a variety of titles such as ‘games,’ ‘hobbies/crafts,’ ‘electronics,’ ‘discs,’ ‘cables,’ and ‘papers.’ This lasts until something has been needed out of each box, at which point they are dumped onto the floor into the same old big pile.

So I guess my question is this: how do you all get your husbands to let you clean and organize your homes? I understand that we don’t want to spend the money right now on nice furniture, and that we can’t hang very many pictures or drapes because we rent. But I would do anything to have a tidy, organised place to live in, and I don’t know how to convince my husband that it’s a priority for me.


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