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Kitchen storage: Bell Jar edition

If you have been following this blog for more than five minutes, you know that I have an obsession with Libbey glass jars, especially the Vibe style. My kitchen is full of them, and they hold everything from my smallest jars of seasonings to large cartons of oatmeal and pasta. I love the glass because I can tell at a glance both what is in them and how much I have left, and the sleek design is very attractive. They have plastic seals to keep them airtight, and I can’t recommend them enough for anything you could ever want to store.

The only problem with the Vibe style jars is that they don’t come in a large enough size for things like sugar and flour. The largest Vibe jar is 62 ounces, or about half a gallon. After we do the calculations to convert the volume (by which containers are sold) to the weight (by which food is sold), we find that five pounds of flour needs a gallon-sized container. Five pounds of sugar is a little bit smaller, but a gallon-sized container is best for that, as well.

Enter the Libbey Bell Jar in the 1.25 gallon size:

These things are HUGE. They weigh almost ten pounds apiece, and are made of very, very thick glass. Which is good, given the amount that they hold. The sides are straight, and the mouth of the jar is very big, so it’s really easy to scoop out the contents. The lids have those nice knobs to make them easier to lift off, as well as the air-tight seal.

This will give you a slightly better feel for the size:

This jar has one 5-pound bag of sugar in it.

This jar has a little less than one 5-pound bag of all-purpose flour in it. Notice that there are a lot of air bubbles, so once it settles there will be even more room. Previously, when I was using a 1-gallon bin for my flour, whenever I poured in a new bag I had to stop every few cups and tap the container down so it would all fit. With the extra space in this one, all I had to do was pour it in.

It’s important to note that these jars are too tall to fit into my cabinets. If you have lower cabinets with a half-shelf, these would be fine in the front half. But since my cabinets have a full shelf in them, I’ll have to keep these on the counter top. Which is fine, because these are much nicer to look at than the Sterilite plastic bins that I was using before…

I’m going to get a few more of these for things like cake flour and bread flour, and I can’t wait to have a whole line of them sitting on my counter! I think it will be very pretty, and it will make baking much more convenient. I may also invest in some nice scoops to go with the jars…

I bought these jars from Wasserstrom Restaurant Supply through Amazon. They definitely have the best price, and they ship in packs of two. There was a little issue with the initial shipment; two boxes of two jars apiece were packed into one bigger box, and when they got to my house they were not so much jars as piles of tiny glass shards. Wassterstrom was very helpful and immediately shipped a replacement. I cannot say for sure whether it was the packing method or the carrier that did the damage, but in the future I will probably order these one pair at a time so the box will be lighter and hopefully less prone to being smashed.


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2 thoughts on “Kitchen storage: Bell Jar edition

  1. bacharis on said:

    Would they make good cookie jars too? Classic styling – they’ll work perfectly as you move from kitchen to kitchen!

  2. I hadn’t thought of that, but yes. The openings are huge; you could put whole fruit in there if you wanted to. Or even some decorative balls or something?

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