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Blog share: House*Tweaking Before and After

A few days ago I stumbled across this blog (looking for a way to care for my pastry board; other story), and this post totally blew my mind. I’ve never been involved in any kind of remodeling project, so I didn’t even know this was POSSIBLE. I have no idea how anyone could look at the ‘before’ pictures of that house and imagine that it could become anything like the ‘after.’

Also, the ‘after’ version of the house is absolutely gorgeous. It’s huge-looking, wide-open, clean and white. And the floors! What incredible wood. Amazing.

So without further ado,

House*Tweaking: Never Seen Before ‘Befores’ and ‘Afters’


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2 thoughts on “Blog share: House*Tweaking Before and After

  1. Amazing! $85,000 for the house, but I wonder how much the renovations will end up costing… The lightness and whiteness are beautiful, but personally I love oak woodwork, cabinets, and doors. What did they do with all their “junk”?

  2. I agree; personally I wouldn’t have done the modern white-and-metal look, but it is really pretty. And how on earth does she keep all the white furnishings and rug and everything clean?

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