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Easy reindeer treats

reindeer treat

These are a great holiday treat, and are especially fun for kids to make. If you have a group of children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, Scout troop, etc, it’s super simple to set up an assembly line and whip these out, and you don’t even have to wait for them to cook. Be prepared for a lot of your supplies to get eaten throughout the process, though.

All you need is regular graham crackers, large pretzels, white frosting, chocolate chips and red gum drops (see rant later).

The first (and trickiest) step is cutting the graham crackers and pretzels in half. Break the graham crackers into squares, then cut each square diagonally, leaving yourself with two triangles. Thus:

cut graham crackers

I recommend a slightly serrated knife, and be sure to use light pressure and use broad strokes of the knife. If you press too hard, it’s easy to break the graham cracker, especially along the perforations. I used my bread knife, and it worked pretty well. Same things with the pretzels:

cut pretzel

I could only find small pretzels, but I normally use the bigger size. Be careful when cutting these, too, because they break easily.

Now it’s easy. Just spread a good amount of frosting on each graham cracker, and place the red gumdrop, chocolate chips and pretzels to look like Rudolph’s nose, eyes and antlers respectively. Done!

reindeer treats

Be sure to use plenty of frosting, especially where the antlers are attached, to make sure that they stick.

My biggest challenge this year was finding red gumdrops. I went to several grocery stores, looking for what I thought was a normal holiday item: bag of red and green gumdrops. Maybe it’s just my area, but I found that there’s only one store within 20 miles of my house that carries them. Fortunately, Brach’s has a great where-to-buy tool on their website, because I didn’t even know of the store where I eventually found them.

These are surprisingly tasty treats: the graham cracker and frosting base balance out the salty pretzels, spicy cinnamon gum drops, with just a tiny bit of chocolate. My personal favorite is when I run out of red gum drops and have to finish with Rudolph’s little-known cousin, Grimsby the Green-Nosed Reindeer. I like wintergreen better than cinnamon. 🙂


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  1. Brings back good memories…

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