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Christmas books for babies

I had to make some emergency purchases a few weeks ago when I realised that my daughter didn’t have any Christmas board books! I had some kids’ Christmas books, but nothing she can drag around that fits the season. So I went to Amazon and picked out several, and here they are:

dk touch and feel christmas

Dorling Kindersley Baby Touch and Feel Christmas

What I have always loved about Dorling Kindersley is that, whenever possible, they use real photographs for their illustrations. We have some other Dorling Kindersley Baby Touch and Feel books; they are for the very youngest age set. There is one picture on each page, with the name of the item and a few descriptive words around it. Each picture has either an insert of textured fabric or a bit of shiny paper on it for the baby to feel. They are nice and colorful, and the books themselves are good, sturdy cardboard, with a somewhat slick coating that wipes off pretty easily. I always recommend anything by Dorling Kindersley, and this is no exception.

dk my first christmas board book

Dorling Kindersley My First Christmas Board Book

This is another Dorling Kindersley, for a slightly older age than the previous book. These are more in the style of the Dorling Kindersley Science series for older kids: each page has a theme, and there are captioned photos within that theme. This one has different ornaments, lights, plants, trees, decorations, and many other items for Christmas. My daughter loves to point at the images of the milk and cookies left out for Santa!

baby's christmas golden board book

Baby’s Christmas

This Golden Baby board book turned out to be the surprise favorite. It is illustrated by the same woman who illustrated Baby Dear and The Christmas Story. It is the story of a baby and all the presents he receives for Christmas. It kinda rhymes (especially if you edit a few lines), and the pictures are very detailed and pretty. I don’t know why, but my daughter is obsessed with this book, to the point that I can recite it from memory after owning it for three days. It is bound like the Baby Touch and Feel: thick, coated cardboard covers, easy to hold and clean.

usborne touchy feely nativity

Usborne Touchy-Feely The Nativity

Usborne is a British publisher, and can be very difficult to find in the US, so you might have to look around for them. They have a lot of good educational stuff and other things for kids. I got this one through Amazon from an individual seller. This is a nicely bound and decorated book. Like the DK Baby Touch and Feel, it has plenty of places to feel textures. The sheep are very wooly!

The thing I found odd about this book was that it tells the entire Christmas story without ever mentioning God or any kind of religious context.The only mention of the supernatural was an angel who appeared to the shepherds, who tells them to go see the baby Jesus, but not why. I understand that many people do not want to bring their children up in a religion, but it is very weird to read the story of the beginning of one of the world’s major religions and not mention anything about God, or who Jesus was, or that he was anything other than some random baby. Small children probably won’t pick up on it, but it bugged me that there was no reason given for the travel to Bethlehem, or why Jesus was special, or why the shepherds and wise men were looking for him in the first place. Ultimately, if you want to tell your kids the Nativity story without any mention of religion whatsoever, then this is your book.

Stay tuned next time for Christmas books for bigger kids!



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