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Latest ‘You’re Doing It Wrong’ – pork tenderloin

I found the easiest way to follow the ‘You’re Doing It Wrong’ food series on Slate: on Wednesdays, search Google for ‘slate you’re doing it wrong,’ then refine your search to ‘News.’ This will bring up the latest article with the least amount of searching around.

This week’s is pork tenderloin! It’s guest author, and is less dogmatic in tone, but I’m still looking forward to trying the recipe! Pork tenderloin is GREAT. It’s so easy; I usually throw mine in a slow cooker and it turns out fine. It’s a great inexpensive, quick thing to throw together when you’re busy.

(As usual, I learn more about cooking reading the arguments in the comments section than I ever do from reading recipes online. 🙂 )


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