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Sugar scrub really works!

I don’t even remember how I ended up searching for sugar scrub recipes. You know how you’ll be on one website, and there’ll be links at the bottom that say, ‘You may be interested in…’ or ‘From our partners…’ and stuff like that? I get on those ALL THE TIME and then have no idea how I ended up where I did. That’s probably what happened this time.

At some point, I ended up here. It’s a list of links to several separate blogs with different recipes for homemade sugar scrub. I didn’t want to go to the trouble of making my own, at least before I tried it, so I just bought some from Bath & Body Works. Yes, I’m sure I could have made it for a lot cheaper myself, but I’ve already got multiple bottle of homemade stuff brewing, and didn’t feel like hitting the craft store AGAIN for bottles, etc. But now that I’ve tried it, I’ll probably look into making it myself. Why? Because it WORKS.

I read some fairly extravagant claims about the stuff, and I was definitely skeptical. I mean, it’s basically an exfoliant with some oil for moisturizing, right? How much could it actually do?

Some basic knowledge: I have never had a flat stomach, and I will never have a flat stomach. My entire life, whether overweight or not, what fat I do have my body stores on my belly. I have accepted this, and am fine with that particular quirk of my anatomy. However, I noticed that after having my daughter, the actual skin on my abdomen was much looser and prone to drooping. I hadn’t necessarily gained more weight, but what was there wasn’t as (relatively) taut as it used to be.

This is where sugar scrub comes in. Basically, when you use the scrub to roughly scrape off the top later of skin, it requires your body to continually make newer, tighter skin. Because your skin is refreshing more often, it doesn’t have time to get old and saggy. It took longer than some commenters claimed, but after using the scrub for at least a month, my stomach is noticeably tighter and doesn’t droop like it used to. I was amazed! I had no idea that one could actually change one’s body like that.

As an additional benefit, the sugar scrub smells great and feels good. Bath & Body Works offers many great scents, just like they do in everything. I do have to warn you, though: this stuff is MESSY. It’s basically soupy oil with large grains of sugar sitting in the bottom, so you really need to keep it and use it in the shower. It’s not lotion; it’s not gel; it’s liquid with loose particles in it. Do not tip it over, don’t open it unless you’re over something with a drain. You should be able to try it at the store, but I found that the grains in this particular product are so large that they really work best on large areas of your body, not your hands. Plus, the benefits are cumulative, so you’re not going to notice a huge difference after one trial in the mall.

If you like the sensation of having your entire exterior sloughed off, I also recommend Bath & Body Works Foaming Body Buff. It’s a step up from the sugar scrub; this one I use all over my body, but only once a week. It’s harsh enough that all of your skin will be more sensitive after you use it. It’s not as slippery as the scrub, so it’s easier to really scrub your skin. This one I really wish I could make at home, but for now I’ll just keep taking advantage of the sales at B&BW.

Another tip: you don’t need very much. Mainly because they’re so expensive, I use as little as I can, maybe a tablespoon of the sugar scrub (abdomen only) and a quarter cup of the body buff (the latter only once a week, mind).

I am definitely looking forward to making this myself, especially since you can put in any scents you want. And since it’ll be cheaper, I’ll use more on other parts of my body and see how it works. I’ll keep you posted!


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One thought on “Sugar scrub really works!

  1. I’ve seen sugar scrubs “recipes” on Pinterest and wondered what they were – now I know! I’ll have to try one myself. Thanks 🙂

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