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No-knead bread fail :)

I love my Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day cookbook. I have always had great results with it, despite cheating on a lot of their equipment recommendations. Just for fun, I figured I’d show you what happens when you don’t shape the loaf properly and the gluten cloak breaks. (Note my cheap cookie sheet in place of a real baking stone.)

weird bread1

This loaf tasted just fine, but the slices were slightly oddly shaped. 🙂 Strangely, I didn’t notice any wrong at all when I put it in; it didn’t show until the loaf was done. Alternatively, just the other day I had a loaf with a huge hole in the top before it baked, and it ended up with just a slight puffiness where the crack had been. Bread is a weird thing, almost magic, really, and if baking doesn’t teach you to let go and go with the flow, then nothing will.


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2 thoughts on “No-knead bread fail :)

  1. I love the basic recipe too and also cheating – for example, I mix the ingredients with a normal spoon instead of a wooden one, in my opinion it doesn’t make any difference (I tried with wooden spoon too!) – both me and the boyfriend love the results 🙂 I like your bread it has a really nice shape!!

  2. I’m curious; what is your definition of a ‘normal spoon’? I grew up thinking that wooden was normal, and now it’s really hard for me to use anything else. Not because it makes a difference to the finished product, but because the wooden spoon is most comfortable in my hand.

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