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The only kitchen timer you’ll ever need

Even fairly simple meals usually require multiple things to be timed. For example, if you’re just throwing together some spaghetti, you need a timer for 1) bread in the oven, 2) pasta cooking on the stove, 3) green vegetable steaming. If you have a kitchen like mine, that means that you’re using the timer on the stove, the timer on the microwave, and the timer on your wristwatch, so that in addition to having to look a completely different place for each time, you also don’t have any clocks so you don’t know what the actual time is.

A lot of people own a kitchen timer, but most of those only add one timer to your arsenal, plus some types are bulky and have to sit on the counter, taking up precious space.

Fortunately for us all, the Taylor thermometer/timer/scale company has developed what is possibly the last timer anyone will ever need. They have managed to combine every possible feature you could need into one compact, extremely inexpensive device. I give you the Taylor Four Event Timer with Whiteboard:

taylor four event timer

It’s hard to know where to begin with all the features this timer has, but here we go:

1) Four separate timers in one, each individually programmable with hours and minutes. If you are using multiple hours, it counts down hours and minutes, then when it reaches less than an hour, it switches to minutes/seconds.

2) SO EASY to use: only four buttons. An hour button, a minute button, an event button to switch between timers, and a start/stop button. To clear a timer, just toggle to it and press the hour and minutes buttons at the same time. To clear all the timers at once, press three of the buttons at the same time.

3) Whiteboard so you and everyone else know which timer is for which thing. This can be especially helpful when sharing a kitchen for a big meal; all the cooks know what which alarm means. It comes with a small dry erase pen that either clicks into the clip on top, or sticks to metal with the attached magnet, and that has a convenient eraser on the cap.

4) Both a fold-out stand on the back for propping up on the counter, and strong magnets for use on metal surfaces. They aren’t wussy little magnetic strips, either; these are round, silver things that will hang on to almost anything. I usually have mine on the fridge, but it’ll also stick to the hood over my stove.

5) Once a timer has completed, it starts beeping and automatically begins to count up so you know exactly how long it’s been done.

6) All four timers can be used as count-up timers if you need to know how long something takes. I was testing different pots the other day, so I had three of them counting up how long a rolling boil took.

7) A FREAKING LOUD alarm. My husband says it’s just obnoxious, and he is right: when you press the buttons and when the alarm sounds, there is a very loud, ugly beeping sound. But you know what? I would much rather have a loud alarm that it is impossible to miss than one like my stove, which makes such a soft, sweet little ‘beeeeep’ that unless I’m standing right next to it, I’m liable to not hear it.

8) A great price. I paid $10 for this thing at Wal-Mart; I think Amazon has it for about $11 before shipping. For this price, I can’t imagine why this design is not the standard for all kitchen timers.

Whether you are just starting out in your first home, or have been cooking forever, I can think of no reason not to invest in this amazing piece of equipment.


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