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Quiche fail


I don’t know what the deal is lately with me and strangely-shaped foods. As with the artisan bread, this quiche turned out tasting fine; it just shaped itself very oddly while baking. Maybe I didn’t grease the pan thoroughly enough…?

I had never had quiche before, but I needed something quick and simple for dinner one night and I found the recipe in French Kids Eat Everything by Karen le Billon (Page 254, if you’re going to go steal the recipe at Barnes & Noble. šŸ™‚ Seriously, you should just buy the book. It’s on Nook and Kindle).

This is a no-pastry quiche, so it’s super simple and easy to whip together, and you can pour pretty much anything you want in as filling. My husband has to have meat every night, so I tossed in some pork sausage (in keeping with the eggs theme), and it turned out really good. Other than the filling, all you need is eggs, milk or cream, flour, and salt/pepper.

This is a great supper, but could also easily be done for breakfast or lunch. I was imagining using maraschino cherries and almond flavoring and having a dessert quiche with whipped cream… I might try that when my husband’s out of town! And now that I’ve started with this, I’ll have to try an ‘real’ quiche with pastry. Mmm, pastry…


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