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Le Creuset Rosemary is back for 2013!

Le Creuset French Oven oval Rosemary

This is my very first ever Le Creuset piece: the 6 3/4-quart oval French Oven in Rosemary. I got it last winter at my ‘local’ (45-minute drive) Le Creuset Outlet Store for a wonderful price, and have loved it ever since. Yesterday, I made soup in it: first I chopped up a bunch of vegetables and roots, browned them in a little butter in the bottom of the pot, then added chicken stock to cover everything. I simmered it for a while until everything was soft, then pureed it in batches in the blender. I added a little grated smoked Gouda before serving, and it was great! And I have lots of leftovers crammed into my tiny freezer. šŸ™‚

When I first got this pot, it was a little bittersweet. Normally, green is not my color. I much prefer blue, but the prices of Le Creuset cookware often don’t allow me to choose the color with impunity. And in a way, I’m kinda glad, because I never would have realized how much I love these greens!

In addition to not preferring green, buying something in Rosemary was an iffy decision because there was no guarantee that I’d ever be able to match anything to it. Le Creuset makes wonderful quality items, but their color scheme can be frustrating, to say the least. Very few of their colors will be around long enough for any normal person to be able to purchase a complete collection in one color. It would be one thing if the prices were low enough to be able to outfit a kitchen in one color all at once. Most people save over a period of years and purchase one thing at a time, and if their color gets discontinued, they’re out of luck.

And Rosemary is a particularly hard color to match, because, in the US anyway, it’s a seasonal color at best. When I got mine in January, it was a leftover from the holiday season, and there was no way to know if Le Creuset would decide to reissue it at any point in the future.

Well, they have! It’s a Sur la Table exclusive, so if you want it you either have to go there or get it at an outlet later on. They don’t have every single piece available in this color, but there’s certainly enough – both enameled cast iron and stoneware – for anyone to get started on a collection.

Whether it will be here next year, unfortunately, is impossible to know.

(Coming up I’ll talk about how to create a Le Creuset collection, considering both color and pieces.)


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