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Pretty things: addictions

Be forewarned: what I am about to show you is beautiful, adorable, gorgeous and expensive. If you do not wish to become obsessed with relatively useless, tiny, pearlescent, lovely objects, please leave now.

I myself resisted these for months, successfully telling myself that I didn’t have any more room in my house, especially for things that don’t have a definite purpose. And they are not cheap, except in the relative alternative universe of limited edition enameled bakeware. It’s a good thing that we don’t have a house any bigger than we do and that my husband doesn’t make any more money than he does (enough for us to live very comfortably and for me to indulge most of my kitchen gadget obsession, but not enough to spend this kind of money willy-nilly).

And then I saw THEM. Just as tiny, just as cute, just as useless, but the COLORS. They nearly took my breath away, and eventually demolished any resistance I had toward 1) owning them and 2) periodically opening the box, handling them, and gazing at them in awe.

Last chance: if you want to remain blissfully ignorant, avert your eyes now.

blue mini cocottes

I think the box was largely to blame. The black background, the ribbon encapsulating every color of the pots… I haven’t even washed them yet; I’ve just kept them in the box so that I can enjoy the entire experience. If I could decorate my entire world in black, white, and these three blues, I think I’d be in bliss forever.

And I don’t even know what the ‘Special Edition’ is for. There’s no more information on the box, and Le Creuset is terrible about making information available about old versions of things (the website only lists a few of many discontinued colors, styles, and available-outside-the-US products). On that note, I have to ask: why are so many beautiful colors only available in other countries? Coastal Blue? Rose? Nutmeg? Why are they discriminating against Americans? Well, the only thing to do is to get on a plane and travel to each of the countries where Le Creuset is sold, and fill up my suitcase.

Like this one. Maybe I am just completely out of touch with modern America, and have no idea what colors Americans like. Actually, given that I’ve taken to making my own kitchen linens because all the ones for sale are hideous, that could be the case.

Until I can afford to take transoceanic flights to get my fix, I’ll just have to lust after the (few) colors we have here. To wit:

Charleston cocottes

(At least this one says why it’s a limited edition…)


holiday cocottes

(For Christmas!)


snowflake cocottes

(Cute box, but in practical use they’d just look white. Meh.)

And (drum roll…)

winter twilight cocottes

Which I think are GORGEOUS, and would go especially well with my blue luster, don’t you think?

The real problem is that up until this point, I’ve always been able to visit the Le Creuset Outlet fairly safely, since I have a fairly strict list of pieces that I want, and I only buy those if they have the color and price that I want. But now every time I go there will be a selection of mini cocottes on the clearance rack, and I don’t know if I will be able to stop once I’ve started. But it was worth it.


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