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My life as a schedule

A normal week in my house looks like this:

  • Monday: Run any errands that didn’t get done over the weekend. I keep this day open because my husband gets most government holidays off, and they happen often enough that I don’t want anything set in stone on Mondays.
  • Tuesday: Trip to the library and any quick errands near to or on the way to the library: post office, Goodwill, storage space, grocery store.
  • Wednesday: Grocery shopping at the big grocery store about twenty minutes away. Wednesday has proved to be a sweet spot for grocery shopping. The stores are usually busiest on the weekend, and if I go on Monday then they haven’t finished restocking and I can’t finish my list.
  • Thursday: Clean house and do laundry. I used to try to get this done on Monday so I’d have a clean house for the week, but I could never get motivated to clean first day of the week. I grew up cleaning on Saturday morning, but we usually spend our weekends getting out of the house, and I finally realized that that doesn’t work.
  • Friday: Run any errands that still need to be done, do any missed cleaning tasks, or rest up for the weekend. Like Monday, I don’t usually hard-schedule anything in case my husband is off work.

Being a housewife gives me a lot of flexibility that makes it much, much easier to do things like grocery shop, run errands, and keep appointments. Not having to worry about packages being delivered when I can’t be home and being able to shop when the stores are empty are great benefits to being at home.


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2 thoughts on “My life as a schedule

  1. Actually, I didn’t start cleaning house on Saturday until we began homeschooling Monday – Friday. When you guys were babies/pre-schoolers, I cleaned house on Tuesdays and grocery shopped on Thursdays.

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