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Essential kitchen gear

We recently moved from southern California to south-eastern Connecticut (I think the military tried to see how far they could send us without actually leaving the country). It took us a couple of weeks to make the drive, and what with waiting for our household goods to be delivered, most of my kitchen was packed for about a month.

I have a LOT of kitchen gear, and it was a little disturbing to see how little I actually needed when I only had room for the essentials – almost everything fit into one small box! Here’s what I was able to cook with for a month:

a few knives: a chef’s knife, a paring knife, and an in-between for slicing

a medium-sized plastic cutting board

a smallish flat grater

a vegetable peeler

a can opener

a silicon-coated flat whisk (works on all pan surfaces)

a pair of silicon-coated locking tongs

a plastic bench scraper

a set of four Pyrex mixing bowls (Heavy, but microwave- and oven-proof, in a pinch. Plus they’re vintage and I didn’t want to risk them with the movers.)

wooden spoons: some round-headed for stirring, and some flat for scraping and sautéing

nylon utensils: a spatula, some serving spoons, a ladle, etc. (I have stainless steel, but like the whisk and tongs, I needed things that would work on every surface.)

measuring cups and spoons

a collapsible silicon colander

a large Dutch oven (My 6 3/4-quart enameled cast iron Dutch oven does everything from boil pasta to roast chickens.)

a large braiser (My 5-quart enameled cast iron braiser goes everywhere the Dutch oven does, but is shorter and flatter like a griddle for pancakes and stuff.)

a broiler pan (When you’re living in a house with no furniture, you end up eating a lot of frozen pizzas and things. A broiler pan give you a flat enough surface for heating frozen pizzas and breads, but have enough rim to catch juices from roasting meats.)

I think the only thing that I really wished I had brought was my knife sharpener, although if I had sharpened my knives right before the move it wouldn’t have been an issue.

Once we arrived in our new house, I was able to cook almost everything I would normally. I couldn’t bake cookies or make muffins, but I could fix dinner every night! And then I had to face unpacking dozens of boxes of kitchen gear that I had just proven that I don’t really need…


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2 thoughts on “Essential kitchen gear

  1. bacharis on said:

    does this mean there’s a moratorium on new kitchen gear?

  2. There really ought to be.

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