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Recipe: smashed burgers

Smashed burgers have taken the world by storm (relatively), and they’re SO EASY to make at home. This is honestly one of the fastest meals I can make.

I made these after Pioneer Woman featured them, although I saw the recipe first on Serious Eats. (By the way, Kenji’s book is available for pre-order! Buy it! Buy a dozen!)

Smashed burgers:

What you need:

  • 4 ounces 80%-lean ground beef per burger
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 slice of American cheese per burger
  • buns, with butter if you’re toasting them
  • whatever toppings your little heart desires, although these burgers are so flavorful they hardly need any!

What you do:

1) Preheat a griddle or skillet to hot.

2) While the griddle is heating up, butter your buns (using the soft butter in your butter bell)

buttered buns

and toast them before the grill gets too hot.

buns toasting

3) Measure out your beef into 2, 2-ounce balls per burger. That’s right, you’re actually making two small patties per burger.

meat balls weighed

For maximum accuracy, weigh the beef on a scale, but you can also do a good job with your hands. If you buy a pound of ground beef, you can hold it in both hands, then divide it in half. Repeat this until you have eight balls per pound. (I’ve found that my hands are remarkable good at dividing things evenly in half; I can tell by the weight and size I’m holding in each hand.)

4) Befor you start grilling the burgers, unwrap your American cheese, and stage whatever burger toppings you’re using on the toasted buns. The burgers cook really fast, and your hands will be full, so you won’t have time after.

5) Now this goes really quickly, so I wasn’t able to get good pictures of everything, but I’ll do my best to describe it: Place one ball of beef on the hot griddle, then immediately smash it flat with something large and flat (I use a giant metal spatula that I dipped in water so it wouldn’t stick, and a mug for pressing).


Do that to 2 balls of beef, then lightly sprinkle salt and pepper on each one.

patties 2

6) Cook them until the bottom is nice and brown and the top is just starting to look cooked through in places, then, using a heavy-duty, straight-edge spatula (or a metal bench scraper, or a wall paper stripper), scrape the burger up off the grill and flip it. You want to get every last bit of the browned bits that are going to want to stick to the pan. This is the hardest part; at least one of mine always falls apart, but I just shove it back together. (I need a better spatula.)

7) Immediately place the slice of American cheese onto one burger, then place the other burger on top.

burger finishing

8) Let it cook until the cheese melts, then scoop it up off the pan and drop it right onto the bun, and you’re done!

burgers done

For as simple as these are, they are SO GOOD. They are hot, flavorful, and filling, and don’t require any prep work or planning ahead (unless you have to thaw out the meat). Now if I would learn how to make my own French fries, I’d never have to get fast food again!


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