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Fall roundup 2015: Noosa Pumpkin Yogurt

I think I have a new favorite yogurt:

noosa pumpkin yogurt

I found this at Target; it’s “Australian-style” yogurt, made in Colorado. (Don’t ask me; I’m majoring in accounting, not marketing.)

To me, this yogurt is the perfect balance between the tartness of Greek yogurt and the mildness of American. I love tart Greek yogurt in some applications, particularly savory ones like tzatziki: there’s nothing like it. And a nice blended yogurt beverage like lassi is wonderful when the yogurt is really tart.

But when you’re trying to do something sweet, then a strong tartness can kinda be off-putting (I’m talking to you, Chobani.) And that’s where Noosa has it figured out. I don’t know how they do it, but there’s just enough tartness to give it some dimension, without making you want to pucker. And even though people disagree about the awesomeness of pumpkin pie flavor, I think we can all agree that puckering should never occur in that context.

The Noosa is a combination of lightly-sweetened plain yogurt, with a pumpkin stripe swirled through it. It’s really good; I highly recommend it if you can find it.

There’s a pack of four small cups,


and a single large cup:


(Get the small ones; the big one is way to much.)


Here’s the gruesome remains of the big one, after I (mostly) stirred together the swirl and the yogurt. The only thing that would make this better is a little crunch; some crushed graham crackers or ginger snaps would be amazing. I would have tried it, if it had lasted longer than about 40 seconds.



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