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Fall roundup 2015: Chobani pumpkin yogurt

chobani blended2

One word about Chobani: I think it was one of the first Greek yogurts I tried, way back when I was studying Arabic and was first introduced to the wonderment that is Mediterranean food. I had never had yogurt in a savory application; tzatziki was a revelation (also the first time I had ever liked cucumber. And now I’m craving lamb kibbeh with tzatziki…)

chobani yogurt pumpkin spice blended

So I can’t bash Chobani too hard, except that now it’s WAY too tart for me. Maybe I was tougher back then. Plus, they have this nifty little device;


(This is the same yogurt, but in the “Flip” version.)

chobani yogurt pumpkin harvest crisp

The little corner has stuff in it, and you just peel off the lid,

chobani flip2

and dump in the toppings:

chobani flip3

Pretty clever, right? (I think the first one I had had honey in the other side; honey’s SO PERFECT with a super-tart Greek yogurt.)

But overall, this was not my favorite pumpkin yogurt offering. I’ve still got a few to try (there’s SO MUCH pumpkin yogurt), but I will not be getting this one again.


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