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Fall roundup 2015: Pumpkin Pie Yogurt


These are great! They really remind me of Pioneer Woman’s Pumpkin Smoothie, which has yogurt in it, so it makes sense… It’s a really light, tart flavor, with just a bit of pumpkin spice. The only detriment is the “pie crust topping,” which is just crumbled graham crackers, which get stale once they’re crushed up and chilled… Might be better off crushing up your own graham crackers and using those, instead.

This would actually be a great thing to try to make at home, with some plain yogurt, sweetener, pumpkin, spice and crushed grahams… I might have to play around with that idea. It would basically be the Pumpkin Smoothie, but thicker.

I recommend trying these!


They changed them for this year!


Instead of being pumpkin-flavored yogurt, now it’s vanilla yogurt with pumpkin “fruit on the bottom.” It comes out tasting pretty much exactly the same as last year’s, though.

I’ve been surprised how much different yogurts vary in flavor; e.g., Chobani is super-tart, YoCrunch has a very distinctive flavor, and Noosa is right in between the tartness of Greek yogurt and the mildness of regular American. Is it caused by the different bacteria they use? I don’t know…


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