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Fall roundup 2015: Perfectly Pumpkin cake mix


As I’ve mentioned before, I love getting the Pillsbury holiday baking mixes, and I definitely jumped on this one when I saw it! It comes paired with a cream cheese frosting, so it’s gonna be good, right?

It was good, but not very pumpkiny. It reminded of a regular spice cake mix: the seasonings were there, but nothing else. Very mild. I don’t know if I’d get it again for no reason, given that there’s so much pumpkin stuff that I have to prioritize because I don’t have the time to do everything.

But if I needed to take cupcakes somewhere during the autumn, I would go for this.


There’s a recipe on the side of the box for Praline Pecan Mini Cakes, so I tried that today to send to my husband’s work tomorrow. They came out pretty well:


(This was them before the cream cheese frosting drizzle, which is okay because I forgot to warm the frosting, so it didn’t drizzle, it just piped.)

You just melt some butter, brown sugar and cream in a saucepan, then pour it into thoroughly-greased cupcake tins and toss some chopped pecans on it. Then mix up the cake mix and distribute it into all the cups. They’re really tasty; the cake mix isn’t too sweet, so you can really enjoy the caramelized sugar and pecans. You could also do it with other flavors of cake mix, since the pumpkin one isn’t available all year long. Ooh, a butter pecan cake mix would be great, or maybe a spice cake mix…


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