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Easter dinner 2017

My lamb is taking longer than anticipated to cook, so I’m sitting here watching the Easter vigil from the Vatican, and sharing my Easter meal plan!

For the last several years, I’ve used Kenji’s roasted leg of lamb for Easter dinner. I like it for several reasons:

  • I try to do a different meat at every major holiday: turkey at Thanksgiving, lamb at Easter, something I haven’t settled on yet for Christmas. (Ham? Goose? Give me some suggestions.)
  • The preparation on this lamb is all a day ahead of time, so I spend Holy Saturday morning up to my elbows inside a deboned lamb’s leg, then I get to stick it in the fridge and forget about it until the next morning, when I toss it into the oven.

I normally do some roasted potatoes with seasonings that complement the lamb. This year I’m trying Kenji’s “Best Roasted Potatoes Ever” recipe. We shall see if it lives up to the hype…

I make deviled eggs first thing in the morning; they’re good to cut all the candy we’re snacking on until dinner is ready… I make deviled eggs by steaming a bunch of eggs (à la Kenji), usually on Saturday morning. I make a dozen for decorating, and half a dozen for eating immediately (the decorated ones get eaten later in the week). Then I follow the time-honored tradition of mixing the yolks with mayo, 3 types of mustard, and whatever I find in the cabinet that looks good. I over-salted them this year, because I accidentally added both seasoned salt AND regular salt, but we’re managing to work our way through them, nonetheless.

I always do asparagus with hollandaise, following Julia Child’s recipe from The French Chef(Sorry, Kenji, your hollandaise recipe doesn’t quite beat out Julia’s!) I’ve tried blender versions in the past, but I always go back to the hand-whisked. For one thing, the blender version always turns out too cold, so I have to dirty up a saucepan heating up anyway; for another, Julia’s recipe has NEVER failed me (knock on wood); yet another, I just enjoy the standing there, whisking, watching the yolks and butter turn into magic.

I couldn’t decide what to do for bread, so I just grabbed a bag of heat-and-serve rolls from my grocery store. I love those, and they only take 8 minutes to heat, so the rest of the food won’t get TOO cold while they bake…

And this year, I’m being lazy and not doing any special dessert. I figured that 6 bags of candy, a package of Peeps, and a bag of Peeps Oreos would have to suffice for the three of us.


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One thought on “Easter dinner 2017

  1. Becky Grace on said:

    I hope someday to enjoy such an Easter feast with you!

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