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Amazon price tracker

You know how prices on Amazon are always changing, and you never know if you should buy an item now, or wait for a better price? There’s a website for that!

It’s called camelcamelcamel , and when you copy/paste an Amazon link, it gives you a history of the prices, so you can know whether it’s likely that the price will go up or down in the future!

An example: today I was shopping for a yogurt maker. This one was recommended, so I went to Amazon to see how much it was. Right now, it’s about $30, which isn’t bad. I would be willing to buy it for that price. But I remembered camelcamelcamel, so I plugged it in there, and this is what I got:

camelcamelcamel yogurt maker

See the red dotted line at the top? That’s the maximum price over the last few years, and the green dotted line at the bottom is the lowest price. Right now, the price for this item is almost as high as it’s ever been, and it spends a lot of its time quite a bit lower than this. So, I’m going to hold off on buying this for a little while, and see if I can save a few bucks.

Alternatively, there’s an accessory for this item whose story is different:

camelcamelcamel greek yogurt maker

This item’s price is the lowest it’s been for years, by a significant margin. So I went ahead and ordered the accessory, even though I’ll have to wait to use it until I get the actual yogurt maker…

There’s no guarantee that a given price will increase or decrease in the future, but this gives you historical information that you can use to make an informed decision. That’s if you can resist the desire for instant gratification, which, let’s face it, is what Amazon’s all about, right?



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